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The Reparations Finance Lab (RFL) is a financial service non-profit that seeks to engage capital markets to design innovative financial products and processes that will deliver Reparative Capital to the descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

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RFL aims to provide leadership on closing the global Black-White wealth gap which exists between nation-states, communities, and individuals. This intervention is being developed to deliver financial justice to these constituents after more than 400 years of a range of economic exploitation including Chattel Slavery, Colonialism, Jim Crow, legal segregation, and modern-day prejudice and racial discrimination. The financial markets must take responsibility not only for its participation in the profitable business of enslavement and financial exploitation of Black people but also for continuing market activities that limit wealth accumulation through its products and practices, such as bad debt obligations with exploitative conditionalities, mortgage, and credit redlining, funding of private prisons, inadequate education, appropriation of cultural output and practices for profit without recourse, environmental racism and a range of other harmful activities.

The RFL, therefore, is organized around and seeks to operate on the belief that innovative networks and capital design can drive catalytic capital to deliver economic justice to individuals, communities, and nation-states harmed by the legacy of systemic racial economic exploitation and exclusion.

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