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Interested in getting involved?

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Contribute Capital

The key to the success of the Reparations Finance Lab will be the extent to which its approaches are market-tested, refined, scaled and adapted throughout the financial markets. This will require an appropriately staffed operation with the requisite skills and competencies to undertake this important work. Join us by becoming one of our first 10 financial supporters by pledging $250,000 towards our goal of raising $2.5 million dollars to establish our operations. We are confident that the efforts we have contemplated, if undertaken with the full participation of market professionals, can be transformative in addressing the legacy of what has been labeled “America's Original Sin."

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As a Partner, you can pledge to offer resources such as time and capital, including serving as a development partner for at least one prototype finance project.

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Become a Lab Member

As a Lab Member, you are an advisor to the Lab. You pledge to offer time, resources, capital, and/or connectivity to the work of the Lab.

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