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17 Asset Management

Impact Fund Manager and Advisor

At 17 Asset Management we apply out-of-the-box thinking to connect investor capital with global challenges and create a more sustainable world.

Our fund design philosophy is supported by three pillars: a continuum of sustainable development, a design thinking approach and a heavy reliance on research and measurement to help investors achieve both impact and returns.

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A Continuum of Sustainable Development

From ESG to SDG, we help achieve impact.

Whether you're seeking to create your first ESG offering or elevate your current impact investing strategy, our team can design a unique fund tailored to your goals. Our process begins with identifying key global development challenges in a specific area, which we then transform into opportunities for investment and social impact. We measure success against ESG benchmarks and progress toward the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, from which 17CDP derives its name.

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Asset Management

Combining sustainable goals with profitable gains

17 Asset Management offers clients the opportunity to apply their capital to solve some of the world's largest challenges. With our primary research and SDG lens, we identify key areas for investment that will yield both community impact and financial returns; empowering our investors to do good while also doing well.

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Applying investment dollars to achieve meaningful impact

17 Asset Management's advisory service creates financial products with intentionality. With heavy reliance on our research arm, we take a design thinking approach to uncovering key challenges and crafting capital-driven solutions that will bring the largest community impact and investor returns.

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Uncovering opportunities to apply capital as a force for good

Research underpins everything we do here at 17 Asset Management. Our research arm drives our design thinking approach by conducting primary research into the communities where we see opportunities for investment. By starting with the stakeholders, we approach each new fund design with intentionality, evaluating current gaps in capital flows and identifying opportunities where investment has the greatest likelihood of positive impact and positive returns.

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Impact Measurement and Management

We steer success with metrics and management.

We take pride in being active managers who guide our investments toward success along both financial and impact metrics. Our proprietary Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) approach allows us to continuously evaluate and optimize our strategies to achieve the greatest social impacts alongside excellent returns.

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Design Thinking

We design solutions by starting with the stakeholders.

Our design thinking approach is rooted in achieving the best outcomes for our stakeholders - that is, the people in the communities where we see an opportunity for impact. By starting with the solution and the human impact, we can design a unique blend of products that combine catalytic and private capital to meet the needs of the community and make meaningful progress toward sustainable development.

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